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Supplier Appreciation – Jascots

As part of our ongoing supplier appreciation, we want to introduce you to some of our local and brilliant suppliers. We sat down with Jo from Jascots and asked a few questions…

A little bit about Jascots:

We are independent suppliers of exclusive and delicious wines to some of the capital’s best restaurants, hotels, and caterers. We import from over 50 countries, as the exclusive importer of over 100 independent growers. Dedicated to working with sustainable wine growers, our producers, like us, are looking to the future and bringing new wines and new energy to the industry. We value the quality and exclusivity of our wine, the unparalleled reliability and flexibility of our service and our commitment to sustainability.

Your supplier reach (which areas you serve and supply):

We are specialised on the On-Trade based in and around London, including Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Caterers.

Something you unique about Jascots and sets you apart:

As the exclusive importer for over 100 independent growers, we import from over 50 countries. Dedicated to working with sustainable wine growers, our producers, like us, are looking to the future and bringing new wines and new energy to the industry. We value our wine’s quality and exclusivity, our service’s unrivalled reliability and flexibility, and our commitment to sustainability.

Why you like working with us at The Heyford:

The Heyford Hotel, like Jascots, believes in selecting the best products to provide customers with the best possible experience. While the Heyford Hotel offers a superior Boutique Hotel experience and gastronomy, Jascots only selects the finest wines from around the world. Some of these wines are available at the Heyford Hotel and play an important role in increasing customer satisfaction and overall experience during their stays.

Jascots shares the same goals as our collaborating producers and customers. We want to build a network of people who are striving for a better future while enjoying high-quality wine in a beautiful setting, and of course also providing an excellent supplying service.

When it comes to excellent service, great products, and a sense of great support and shared passion, we make no compromises. We feel connected to the Heyford Hotel because we share similar fundamental goals. We love to see, that at our cores, even though our businesses appear to be so different, we both want to provide excellent service to our customers and bring people together with great products.

Your favourite product (wine):

“We love all our wines so it is very hard to choose but a current favourite is Les Hexagonales Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, which you can taste at the Heyford Hotel. The estate has been operating for 4 generations with some vines over 100 years old.  Jean Francois Merieau took over the family estate in 2000 with a real determination and focus on rediscovering the land; hand ploughing, hand harvesting and no use of pesticides or chemicals.”

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