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Heyford Gin at The Heyford Oxfordshire

The Heyford Oxfordshire team up with Brennan and Brown to create Heyford Gin

Tell us a little bit about Brennen and Brown…

Brennen & Brown started back in 2012, when IT consultant Rich Bamber was visiting good friends at The City Of London Distillery and talk quickly moved away from tills to gin! Rich enquired of Jonathan, the head distiller, if there was a gin with ginger, to which Jonathan said yes. However, it went out of production over 100 years ago. So, a journey began. Eager to return ginger back to the gin world after over a century, “Una” , Brennen & Brown’s first copper still was purchased. With a passion and desire to produce exceptional-tasting gin and vodka, Brennen & Brown have established their laboratory from which their flavour team extract the aroma and flavour molecules from mixtures gently distilled at low temperatures, thereby creating the tastiest, freshest-flavoured artisan gins and vodkas.

As well as our core range of gins, liquers and vodkas, B&B specialise in Bespoke creations for the on & off-trade and personalised spirits for wedding favours and events.

What areas does Brennan and Brown Serve?

Brennen & Brown supply is national and Ireland, always using local ingredients

Something you unique about Brennan and Brown and sets you apart?

We use Rotary Evaporator Stills which allows for a gentle, precise and efficient distillation not found in conventional distilling apparatus. When heated, they create a stable, even evaporation concentrating for the purest and freshest flavours. This also enables us to always use fresh ingredients, eg, cucumber, as we don’t boil the base spirit.

Why do you like working with us at The Heyford?

A wonderfully new boutique hotel with state of the art facilities, amazing staff, bar and restaurant offering local produce, works well with our premium spirits. A great marriage.

What’s your favourite flavour of Gin?

That’s a very difficult question…..! Our palates are open to most things, but if I have to narrow it down, I would say Citrus led London Dry gins but we love making them all!

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